PREMATURE is a fine art photographic project by the multimedia artist Giovanni De Benedetto.

The pictures do not mean to represent subjects pre-defined by the artist but rather, he wants them to be conceived as visual inputs for the observers so they can find their own personal meaning inside of the images. 


In this way, every viewer who looks at the same picture creates his own private work of art, making each artwork individually unique. 


The observation of the artworks becomes a process that establishes an ideal relationship between the artist and the viewers where the latter loses themselves into the work of art in order to decipher it.


This is a way of bringing the observers close to the artist by establishing a creative connection with them for finding new creative solutions together. 


Indeed, it is the sharing of different points of view that makes PREMATURE a powerful work.


The subjects try to embrace multiple perspectives at the same time at the moment they try to figure out what the other sees into the artwork. In this way, they put themselves in other's shoes, broadening their mindset and so feeling more close as human beings on a deep level.


So far, the project presents four collections and the artworks are numbered by the sequential order of development.


PREMATURE # 15 is a short movie directed by De Benedetto in 2013 that shows metaphorically the process that leads to the creation of a PREMATURE artwork.


It includes 4 chapters here named:


  1. Out of Head: this chapter describes the transition from the concrete world to the depth of the mind

  2. The Great Opening: it describes the passage through which the ideas travel around the subconscious and how it emerges by force

  3. Model an Idea: in this chapter, the viewer can see the metaphoric processing of the paint

  4. Premature: it describes the concrete birth of Premature #15



Premature # 15 Credits


Directed and edited by Giovanni De Benedetto

Starring: Federica Sdrigotti, Giulio Di Giusto, Francesco Della Toffola

Year: 2013

Color: B/W


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