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During the last 13 years, Giovanni De Benedetto developed the Augmented Klecksography Paintings (AKPs), with a process involving action painting, photography, and digital post-production.

PREMATURE is the fine art photography project that includes all the AKP artworks, pushing the boundaries of the creative possibility of klecksography, where the aesthetic power of the artist's original paintings is enhanced through the mean of photography.

Klecksography is the technique of making images starting from inkblots, pioneered by Justinus Kerner since the second half of the 19th century and soon after used by the famous psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach.

The union between klecksography and photography creates an outcome that immortalizes the freshness of each painting and enhances its details, making the photography of the artwork the final piece that stands on its own.

The genesis of a PREMATURE artwork resides in the silent dialogue established between the artist and the paint which, after being thrown onto black cardboard and folded in two, it is shaped under the artist's fingers, following the path of the matter until the point it can reveal itself before him.

The object of this revelation is the form that constitutes the work of art, depicting creatures never thought nor designed, figures of anthropomorphic beings coming from the future of the unconscious and loaded with such an inherent visual power that they take on a life of their own in front a viewer's sight.

These pictures/revelations do not mean to represent subjects pre-defined by the artist but rather, he wants them to be conceived as visual inputs for the observers so they can find their own personal meaning inside of the images. 

 In this way, every viewer who looks at the same picture creates his own private work of art, making each artwork individually unique. 

 The observation of the artworks becomes a process that establishes an ideal relationship between the artist and the viewers where the latter lose themselves in the work of art to decipher it.

 This is a way to establish a connection among people to find new creative solutions together. 

 PREMATURE has the aim to broaden people's point of view, where the observers exchange their thoughts about what they see into the artworks for embracing multiple perspectives at the same time, putting themselves in the other's shoes and so, feeling more close as human beings through empathy.

 So far, the project presents six collections and the artworks are numbered by the sequential order of creation.

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