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Giovanni De Benedetto (b. 1989) is a klecksography fine art artist who created a specific technique employing action painting, digital photography, and post-production, for which he coined the term Augmented Klecksography Paintings (AKPs) to describe his creations.

PREMATURE is the project gathering all the AKPs, where the beholders are an active part of the creative process, projecting themselves into the artwork, creating in this way their unique work of art, and sharing their visions with others.

Giovanni obtained several recognitions in the fine art photography field, and his PREMATURE artworks have been exhibited in major cities worldwide, from Berlin to New York, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Paris, and Milan.

In 2022 De Benedetto won the Decentral Art Pavilion contest (Venice Biennale edition), earning the 71st spot in the exhibition, and he has been invited to join Artpoint, a French consultancy agency that creates bespoke digital art installation for companies and high-end estates.

He also won the latest Art Market Magazine's Gold List, a special issue presenting Top Contemporary Artists selected by a jury of estimated art fairs.

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