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Hello dear collectors,

After the latest publication on Art Market Magazine's GOLD LIST and my participation at Art Basel Miami with Art Innovation,  I thought it was the right time to introduce my next drop in editions on Manifold.

Premature 131 is one of the most intricate pieces I have ever done, assembling 128 macro shots... defining a record!

Since it's Xmass time, I chose to add another gift to the other perks you get when collecting Premature 131.

Let me explain:

With collecting an edition of Premature 131 limited to 10, you receive a 1/1 variation of Premature 135... FOR FREE!

On top of that:

  1. You are entitled to enter a drawing among collectors to win the original painting of Premature 131, worth €9k!                          Verify with your eyes the value of an original PREMATURE painting here on, listed by Art-Preview gallery.

  2. There is a scavenger hunt to find a 1/1 from the OBLIQUIUM collection.                                                                                                          Obliquium 7 is in the secondary market at 850xtz (≃850EUR) right now


  • Sales open on December 12th at 21:00 CET

  • Premature 131 limited to 10 editions

  • Price: 0.1ETH (≃120EUR)


  • 1/1 Variation of Premature 135 for FREE                                                                                                                                 If you collect more editions of Premature 131, you get the same amount of Premature 135 1/1 variations

  • Chance to win the original painting of Premature 131                                                                                                                                There are ONLY 3 people in the world owning an original PREMATURE matrix, and you could be the 4th!

  • Chance to discover and collect for free the 1/1 Obliquium 131 

There has never been a better time to collect a PREMATURE artwork.

Be a pioneering collector and join the PREMATURE family,

the first inkblot-based art enthusiast community.

Opera intitolata Premature 131

Premature 131

Dipinto originale Premature 131

Premature 131 Original Matrix

Premature 131 Closeup Video

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