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The Premature full length album merges two different media with the same purpose.

Through the music and artworks I want to create an experience where the audience is completely surrounded by the energy that both medium provide.

The album is a path made by 10 tracks carved into the deep unconscious and inspired by the instinct in order to provide an honest and sincere product.

The choice of this title has the following meaning:


Premature because this is the debut album

Premature because it is not mature

Premature because it is dedicated to Maty






Bloomed Hole


Black Sun Day

X - My Room






Written, Arranged and Performed by Giovanni De Benedetto

Recorded and Mixed at Giacomo Barboni Studio

Every track is linked to a specific PREMATURE artworks from the PREMATURE collection 2013 - 2014 by Giovanni De Benedetto.

Download the full package on


Release Versions:

Cassette Edition ltd 30

Limited Edition of 30 Transparent Music Cassettes with Yellow Leader

Every 10 cassettes come with a different interchangeable "Premature" cover art (each one limited to 3 copies - 10 Premature covers x 3)

Covers Printed on Glossy Photographic Paper

Album Download



CDr ltd 25
Limited Edition of 25
Hand - Numbered Copies
Cover Printed on Glossy Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper
contains "Peep Show When You Come" bonus track taken from the soundtrack of Web Horror Story web series


Digital download on Candida Kandinskij's Bandcamp profile.

The PREMATURE collection 2013 - 2014 is attached to the album in high quality format.



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