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The first Candida Kandinskij's Ep, called Lisptick, was released in 2011 in Cdr format and it was completely self-produced by De Benedetto, except for the voices that were recorded and mixed by Steve Nardini.

In 2012 new tracks, Obliquium and Dobermann, became part of the soundtrack of “The Run Away” web series directed by Riccardo Cannella which it won prizes like “Best Soundtrack” at Rome Web Fest 2013 and “Best Dramatic Scene” at Rome Web Awards 2014 where the single Dobermann resounds in the scene.

The cues included in the soundtrack formed the second Ep called Obliquium which was released in digital format only.

In 2014 Giovanni released his first full-length album called “Premature” and he composed the music for “Web Horror Story”, the new Cannella's web series which has been multi-awarded around the world like the “Best Opening Credits” prize at Bilbao Web Fest 2015, where the intro of “Peep Show When You Come” resounds along the entire opening credits.



Burns has been composed for a Phantasma Disques Label contest focused on the women voices. 

The title is referred to the famous actress Marilyn Burns who died the 5th of August 2014.
In those days her voice was excerpted from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie (1974) to compose the track and only later Giovanni discovered her death. The length of 5'55'' is merely a coincidence.



In 2016 Candida Kandinskij has released the remix of the track Walls Of Glass for the new Vitrea's ep called Debris and dBs Music Berlin has recorded the AV Fix Live Set during the Project Warp night, hosted by Maze Club.


In January 2017 Giovanni composed the music for the Brachmann S/S 2017 Menswear Campaign called "Heimatland" and presented by KALTBLUT Magazine.


Furthermore, he started a collaboration with the fashion stylist Isabel Vollrath for the composition of the music for her runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017 which occurred in January, but for a series of reasons it was not played at the event.

Here you can listen to the composition.

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