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“Fix – The Face Is a Coded Canvas” is a multimedia project formed by a video art film and an electronic live set and it was developed for SELF, a multimedia festival based in Venice, Italy.

Being “the self” the subject of that event, the performance investigates the perception of the identity among human beings taking into consideration certain unconscious dynamics applied for decoding it.

The face represents the first medium through which human beings start to analyze themselves in order to get an idea of their identity among each other.

Through the face's analysis people start to investigate their counterparts trying to figure every facial expression out and how they react to their mutual behavior.

At the first sight, the idea given through this analysis results very blurry and more time people spend with each other, more they believe to get know reciprocally.

Then, if a mutual interest grows, they try to figuratively "go inside" into their counterparts, making the relationship deeper in order to believe to get know more about each other, acting like a macro lens which can capture tiny details of a subject.

But how can we be sure that all we learned about the other is not the projection of our subjective point of view?

When we lose the whole conception that we have created on the counterpart, do we have the "key" to figure out how to put the pieces together again?

The project investigates this psychological implication through the change of the image focus.

The video starts blurred and it goes to define the image step by step, until the viewer goes deep into the subject through the use of a macro lens and finally the picture liquify itself.  This is the time when every certainty has left and the audience is on the test: Can we decrypt this code represent by the face?

The sound of the performance goes from ambient to industrial style in order to match at best the video and for diving the crowd into a visceral synthetic magma.

The video is displayed in the background while the live set has played.



Fix – The Face Is A Coded Canvas Credits


Directed and edited by Giovanni De Benedetto

Starring: Paola Patat, Francesco Della Toffola, Federica Sdrigotti, Giulio Di Giusto

Year: 2015



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