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Giovanni De Benedetto is an Italian visual artist and musician and his research regard the impact that his works have on the audience.

During the last 8 years, Giovanni released “Premature”, his debut full-length album, he developed 3 multimedia projects and 4 live performances:

Under Epiderma (2010) multimedia project: photos, video-clip, and music - exhibition

PREMATURE (2010 - ....) multimedia project: photos and video art - exhibition

Premature (2014) full-length album - industrial rock performance

FIX – The Face Is A Coded Canvas (2015) multimedia project: video art and electronic live set

Casa Cavazzini Gallery Live Performance (2016) live electronics played together with a lyrical singer

DOGSIC (2017) interspecies performance


Regarding the musical aspect of “Premature”, it is an industrial rock album which mixes together an apparently clear sound with claustrophobic riffs where the listener is captured in this synthetic world.

The album merges three different media as music, photography, and video-art given that each song is correlated with its specific image and the video art film “PREMATURE # 15” is displayed on the background during the live shows.

Candida Kandinskij born as one man band project but, for the gigs, Giovanni hired a second performer for playing synths and samples while he sings and plays guitar. Between 2013 and 2014 he toured around the north of Italy and he won a contest for emerging bands. This award gave him the opportunity to play at famous Far East Film Festival 16 in 2014.

Moved to Berlin for studying Electronic Music Production at dBs Music Academy in the same year, in 2017 he played Premature at Berlin Music Video Awards and the music video for the song Dobermann was selected for a special screening during the event.  

About the visual aspect of Premature, it is an abstract work mainly formed by the experimental use of paint and photography and only in 2015 it has been exhibited in Paris (France) at Louvre Museum, two times in Venice (Italy) at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi and at Venice Art House Gallery, in Bangkok (Thailand) at The Ferry Gallery, in Klodzko (Poland) at Christian Centre for Culture and in Miami (USA) at the Scope International Art Show.


Asides from Premature and its live shows and exhibitions, in 2015 Giovanni has been selected by “It's LIQUID” Group and “International ArtExpo” as performer artist to take part in the SELF Festival in Venice, a collateral Biennale of Venice's festival. For this event Giovanni developed a new multimedia project called “FIX – The Face Is A Coded Canvas” formed by a new electronic live set played together with a new video art film.


Finally, from 2015 he started working together with his agent Nicoletta Guerino regarding the Italian gigs and from 2016 he signs with ffm-Eventmenagment booking agency regarding the shows of Premature.


Starting from May 2017 he plays together with the rock band Vlad In Tears touring around Europe.


About his academic studies, Giovanni has graduated in Bologna at the Music Academy Europe on Music Performance (Electric Guitar Course 2011 – 2014 National Diploma Level 3) and after he got the Bachelor of Arts Honours at the dBs Music Academy Berlin on Electronic Music Production course (2014 - 2017).


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